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Julio Zambrano

Mr. Zambrano has been an elementary educator for 24 years. He has taught K, 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades over the course of his career and has had wonderful experiences at every grade level. Mr. Zambrano has earned a Master of Arts in Writing, a Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership, an Administrative Credential, and has a BCLAD Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with an emphasis in Spanish. He is also fluent in French and Arabic.

His favorite pastimes are traveling, reading, writing, and eating delicious foods from around the world. He is a devoted father and husband, dedicated to his family, friends, staff, and most importantly, to the students in his care.

Every school year is a journey through many stages. Children have a right to be challenged and supported throughout their learning. Mr. Zambrano believes that all children can be successful provided teachers are using all of the tools at their disposal to help them learn, and that they check for understanding along the way to help them through any rough patches. Van Allen Elementary is a place where children can feel safe, learning is fun, and a strong sense of community is developed. Students inspire the Van Allen staff to give their best effort each and every day, and all of our staff treat students with patience, respect, and encouragement.

It is his sincere honor and pleasure to serve the wonderful community at Van Allen Elementary, and he looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your cares and concerns regarding your child’s academic success.

If you are new to the area and would like to learn more about Van Allen Elementary and its various programs and initiatives, please contact (209) 838-2931 to schedule a tour with the principal.  

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